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Operational Events

The Solution

This is a highly active and advanced two-gun course. This course is a buddy team* event that combines two-gun tactics and Closed Quarter Battle (CQB) techniques used in Special Forces pre-deployment training and preparation and brings it into one training curriculum.  The Solution brings the complexity of buddy team movement and close proximity engagements to life while closely managing safety and situational awareness as the team navigates through the complications of hallways, intersections, corners, and other CQB problem sets. 

The top team will win prizes! 


*Signing up with a partner is encouraged but not required. Individuals will be assigned a partner at the event. 

Prerequisites: Completion of both BRVO Tactical Pistol 2 and Rifle 2 or equivalent training from other organizations including military and law enforcement.

The Objective

NOTE: This is a highly specialized, non-firearm course. This course only runs once or twice a year due to active deployment and training schedules.  


The Objective is an overnight Special Reconnaissance Training course.  This course is directly instructed by an active-duty Special Forces Green Beret sniper and SWAT sniper personnel.  This course takes exact training curriculum from the U.S. Army Special Forces Sniper School to teach you skills including advanced camouflage, stalking, observation, sabotage, movement, evasion, mission planning, ghillie construction, and more. 


During this course you will be given several hundred dollars’ worth of equipment to keep and utilize during the class and take home.  All meals are provided, and a packing list will be sent out after registration.  Top scout will win prizes and enjoy the spoils of being top of the class!


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