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Classes: Civilian Trainings

Our mission for civilians

To promote safety, competency, and lethality in handling of firearms and provide opportunities for individuals or teams to participate in training and operational events that are a exact replication of Special Forces and SWAT training curriculum. 

Pistol Courses

Unlock your potential in pistol proficiency with our range of specialized training courses, each meticulously crafted and led by a master instructor with over 20 years of SWAT experience. 


We offer 3 levels of Pistol courses that provides a progressive pathway for every level of shooter: 

  • Beginner (Pistol 1): Perfect for those taking their first steps in firearms training.

  • Intermediate (Pistol 2): Designed to enhance skills and tactical understanding.

  • Expert Pistol Course (Pistol 3): Our culminating pistol course for top-tier proficiency.


Our courses emphasize not just technical skill, but also the responsibility, safety, and strategic thinking essential for competent firearm handling. Join us to elevate your shooting capabilities in a professional, supportive, and expert-driven environment.

Carbine Courses

Step into the world of carbine mastery with our comprehensive training courses.


We offer 3 levels of Pistol courses that provides a progressive pathway for every level of shooter: 

  • Beginner (Rifle 1): Ideal for those new to this versatile platform, focusing on fundamental skills and safe handling.

  • Intermediate (Rifle 2): Focused on delving into more complex techniques, including rapid target engagement and precision shooting. 

  • Advanced (Rifle 3): Tailored for those aiming to reach the pinnacle of skill, encompassing high-level tactical scenarios and precision maneuvers. 

These courses are designed to instill not only exceptional technical abilities but also a deep understanding of tactical applications and safety, ensuring you're well-prepared for any situation requiring carbine expertise.

Two-Gun Courses

Explore the dynamic world of two-gun techniques with our specialized course. This unique training program is designed for those who wish to excel in multi-weapon proficiency, and seamlessly integrates the use of both pistols and carbines, providing a comprehensive skill set for handling and transitioning between these two fundamental firearm types.


Starting with the basics of each weapon, the courses quickly advance to complex scenarios, focusing on agility, accuracy, and strategic use in various tactical situations. The courses emphasize not only advanced shooting skills but also strategic planning and situational awareness, ensuring participants are prepared for the complexities of real-world applications in law enforcement and self-defense.

Operational Events

Experience the thrill and challenge of our exclusive operational events, previously accessible only to those in specialized military or law enforcement roles. Now open to the public, our unique program includes an array of intense, real-world scenarios, from the intricacies of Sniper School where you'll learn to build ghillie suits and hone your long-distance marksmanship, to high-stakes exercises like evading patrols, hostage rescue missions, and search and destroy operations.


Each event is meticulously designed to provide an immersive experience that tests and develops your tactical skills, decision-making under pressure, and teamwork abilities. Guided by experts with decades of field experience, these events offer an unparalleled opportunity to engage in sophisticated and realistic operational training, previously the domain of elite military units, right here in a controlled and safe environment.

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