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Brvo Tactical Ars Bellica seal.

What is BRVO Tactical

BRVO Tactical is a training organization that takes tactics and techniques used by today’s elite Special Forces and SWAT sniper teams and brings a joint training curriculum to local law enforcement personnel and civilians. This provides a unique training opportunity for those seeking to increase their own self-awareness and capabilities to defend themselves and others around them.

Founder's Vision

Since the creation of US Army Special Forces, we have solidified our reputation as Green Berets through the decades for being a force multiplier.  Creating gun fighters by, with, and through our partnered military forces.  Going to other countries to help stand up fighting militias that can defend their homeland against an invading force through unconventional tactics.  We have focused on other countries but not our own people, Americans.  Now my mission has changed.  I want to bring all the experiences and training that I have received and give back to the American families that want to defend their homes.  I want to give law enforcement officers the opportunity to train at a higher level to help increase their situational awareness and efficiency.  In summary, I want every officer or prepared civilian to be able to return home to their families at the end of every day, no matter what situation they may have faced. 

Meet Your Instructors


Our Founder joined the United States Army in 2011.  He currently serves as an active Special Forces Sniper and is a combat dive supervisor, High Altitude Low Open (HALO) Military Free Fall qualified, and the senior 18B (bravo…. hence the name BRVO Tactical) on his team.  His role as an 18B is to supervise all things weapons related, sniper training, ranges, and operational events with his Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA).  He has been on multiple deployments around the world and is a combat Bronze Star recipient. 

Mike Wallace

Mike has over 20 years in Law Enforcement, spending 17 years on the SWAT Team and 16 of those cross trained as a sniper. He attained his AZPOST General Instructor Certification and has worked as a Field Training Officer in some form for most of his career. He is an AZPOST Certified Firearms Instructor, Glock Armor, and a Certified National Tactical Officer Association Sniper Instructor.

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