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LEO and Vehicle Response



*This course is only available for Law Enforcement*


16 hour course

Location: Sierra 1 Site (Heber, AZ)


Camping onsite allowed.  Recommended arriving afternoon prior to training if camping out.


Equipment needed:  AR15/work rifle with sights and chest rig or vest, pistol with belt and drop holster, 400 rifle rounds and 400 pistol rounds.


This course is designed to increase competency and safety with law enforcement officers standard issue weapon systems.  Instruction and curriculum provided by U.S. Army Green Berets and SWAT sniper personnel, participants will receive individualized weapon handling training to enhance survivabiliy for themselves and others around them. 


Training includes:

  • Carbine and pistol maintanance
  • Basic and advanced marksmanship fundamentals
  • Small team movement techniques
  • Vehicle response drills
  • Dismounted/mounted vehicle drills
  • Truck/vehicle packout and loading 
  • Small team ambush response and survivability
  • Individualized scenario based training lanes


More information to follow upon registration.

Available Dates


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