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To provide standardized and advanced skills training for PD/SWAT snipers and law enforcement personnel to increase lethality, competency, and survivability. 

Our Mission for Law Enforcement

Sniper Courses

Here at BRVO Tactical, we design our sniper courses to be an accelerating training tool for local law enforcement and SWAT programs.  The sniper school’s curriculum is created and instructed by active Green Beret snipers and SWAT sniper personnel.  With U.S. Army Special Forces and local SWAT coming together to create a solution for developing highly proficient snipers, the program is designed to become the operational standard for future snipers in the law enforcement community. 


Training will be located on the BRVO compound in Heber, AZ, also known as Sierra 1. Our site provides over a hundred acres of training area with multiple live firing lanes. Sierra 1 provides an off-grid location for local law enforcement teams to train specific scenarios that are applicable to their environment and mission set.


For inquiries regarding scheduling, please follow the links below.  Courses are limited and only offered a few times a year due to active-duty deployment and training schedules.

Course Overview
*Hours of courses are based off of 8 hour work days*
Basic Sniper Course

This is an introductory course that develops the skills and fundamentals necessary for law enforcement personnel to be able to utilize their weapon systems safely and accurately for the protection of themselves, the community, and those around them.  This course creates the base level of rudimentary fundamentals and skills needed to be successful during follow on advanced skills training opportunities with BRVO Tactical.

Advanced Combat Sniper Course

Our Advanced Combat Sniper Course combines training curriculum from U.S. Special Forces and SWAT sniper schools to create an advanced sniper program designed to increase situational awareness and effectiveness on the ground to improve team member survivability. 


As our longest and most in depth sniper course, this training includes:

  • Urban sniper

  • Mid-to-long range marksmanship

  • High angle shooting

  • Close quarter battle engagements

  • Vehicle scenarios

  • Advanced camouflage

  • Small unit tactics

  • MOUT site operations, and more.

Rapid Response Course

Using our Sierra 1 Site, teams will have the opportunity to train along-side U.S. Green Berets and SWAT personnel to fine tune their skills and tactics. Focusing on immediate response, this course utilizes multiple infiltration platforms and capabilities to interdict targets. Close quarter battle techniques will be broken down, demonstrated, and practiced using our indoor CQB facility and our external MOUT village for scenario based training.

High Angle/Event Response Course

This course is designed to replicate the complications of security at large events and venues.  Given the versatility that our training compound provides, law enforcement personnel will run situational based lanes to develop standard operating procedures and enhance command and control communication between snipers and ground force personnel.  Training includes:


  • Target identification 

  • Time sensitive target exploitation

  • Ground to scope communication and control

  • Mid-long range target interdiction

  • High angle rapid engagement techniques

AZGIA Team and Small Unit Courses

From weapons handling to ambush survivability, our AZGIA  program is designed to improve the individual officers situational awareness and survivability in the field.  Whether its challenging the most experienced officers or bringing the newest LEOs up to operational standards, these courses will give added skills to law enforcement personnel.  End goals from these courses will be increased confidence in weapons handling, tactical knowledge, operational planning, survivability, situational awareness, and inter-unit communication.  These courses can also be specifically tailored to the individual units' operational needs. 

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