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06/08-06/09/2024: Basic Long Range Precision and Marksmanship Course

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This course is open registration and is instructed by combat veteran Green Beret snipers and SWAT sniper personnel.


Camping onsite permitted and dinners provided!


Join us at our 100 acre SWAT training area, Sierra 1 Site, outside of PHX, AZ for 2 days of long gun precision fundamentals. Training is an exact replica of long range engagement and high angle techniques used by todays elite law enforcement and special forces units. Training includes:


Long gun/scope familiarity and setup

Basic ballistics overview


Combat bore sighting

Building DOPE for your rifle system

Positional shooting

Wind and elevation calling

High angle shooting

Mid-long range engagement out to +800m

Engaging targets from military Humvee

Shooter spotter communication

Bring 300 rounds of the caliber of your choice and let’s get training.

More information regarding necessary gear and equipment will be sent out upon registration.


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