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The Athlete



Training site: Sierra 1 Site

Location: Heber, AZ


Ammo load out: 300 carbine rounds/200 pistol rounds

*no green tip or AP ammunition *


The Athlete course is a dynamic and stress endusing 2 day course which will not only test your stamana and fitness, but also your congnitive function and weapons fundamentals. Taught at our 100 acre training site, this course starts out with basic two gun drills and techniques on our 150 yard flat range to evaluate how safely and effectively you can manipulate your weapon systems. After successfully managing the stress events on the flat range, shooters will move out to multiple different areas of the training site in order to complete different courses of fire. Shooters will be pushed to exhaustion while still needing to navigate demanding shooting lanes.  Failure to manage your heart rate during the stress events will show its self exponentially when trying to take precise shots. 


-The drills and curriculum in this course are direct replicas of Elite SWAT and Special Operations Forces pre-deployment drills and training techniques.


-Must have prior experience with rifle training and have a plate carrier, vest, or battle belt to carry magazines and other equipment.


-Must be in good physical standing in order to conduct specific physical requirements and mobility exercises. This course will challenge your individual weapons fundamentals and competency.

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